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Year 5

Welcome to our class pages. We are a fabulous class of 9 and 10 year olds; eager and keen to learn.

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Mrs Bradbury-Smith  (Sendco and English Lead)

Mrs Bellamy (Tuesday afternoon- art and DT specialist)

Mrs Sykes (Monday afternoon - French specialist)

Premier Sport  (Tuesday morning- PE specialist)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Clinton (Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs Bryne (Wednesday - Friday)

Intervention Assistants:

Mrs Bellamy

Miss Huxley


From 1st February, Mrs Patrick will be returning after her maternity leave and she will teach all day Wednesday and Thursday and Mrs Bradbury-Smith will teach the remainder of the week.


Welcome to Year 5 Meet the Parents Evening

Our Classroom

Reading for Pleasure in Y5


We love to read in Year Five.


Our current class book is The Middler by Kirsty Applebaum




About the book

In the town of Fennis Wick, there are two rules: eldests go to military camp when they turn 14, and you don’t talk to wanderers: they’re dirty, dangerous and deceitful, or so Maggie’s been told.

Maggie is a middler – a middle child – and she’s sick of it. Eldest children get all the good stuff: the parties, the prizes and the praise, while middlers grow up in the eldests’ shadows. Maggie desperately wants a taste of being an eldest. But the summer that her eldest brother Jed goes off to camp and Maggie meets a wanderer, everything she thought she understood about the world comes crashing down.

Maggie’s just a middler, though, so who’s going to listen when she tries to tell the truth? Maybe if Maggie can catch the wanderer, the townspeople will see that middlers can be heroes too…

This is a wonderfully conceived and slickly executed dystopian novel set in a seemingly idyllic town, but with an undercurrent of secrets to send a shiver down the spine. Maggie is a boiling pot of adolescent emotions, whose jealousy of the eldests leads her to make some challenging choices which have consequences for everyone.

We have already read 

Asha and the Spirit Bird by Jasbinder Bilan

Evolution by Jennifer Killick 




Regular reading is vital to becoming a lifelong learner. Read at least 4 times per week and record and comment on SeeSaw. Finished a book? Why not write a book review to encourage others to read it



Weekly homework will be set and submitted on SEESAW. This can be accessed on tablets and laptops.



We will be setting our spelling homework on Spelling Shed so there will be lots of fun games to play every week to help consolidate learning.


Times Tables Rockstars

The children have been given Log-in information to access Times Table Rockstars at home and school. 

This resource is lots of fun whilst helping to improve the children's rapid recall and knowledge of their times tables.


Homework Grid

Don't forget to complete 7 pieces of homework from your topic grid. Don't forget to photograph and upload onto SeeSaw.


BBC Supermovers

We will be using BBC Supermovers to help us learn and consolidate our knowledge of times tables. The children will have lots of fun practising their tables along with perfecting some interesting moves....!

There are other programmes to use on this website which relate purely to KS2, English, Mathematics, PSHE too.


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