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Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Jo (T) - Joint Chair of the FWSA.

I have a son in KS2. I started volunteering 5 years ago as it’s a great way to meet other parents and help out.

In 2021 I joined the committee to get more involved. I really love being part of the team, planning events, seeing the enjoyment on the faces of families and working alongside our amazing volunteers. Being able to provide much needed resources to school through the generosity of families and the wider community is fantastic. I work at Leighton so you won’t always spot me on the playground, but I’m always happy to chat if you would like to know more.


Hi, I’m Sarah - Joint Chair of the FWSA.

I joined because I really love the community feel of the school and wanted to be a bigger part of that, especially after covid and lockdown. I really enjoy helping organise fun events and seeing the end results of the fundraising in improvements in the equipment for the children as well other exciting extra treats we help fund.

I have 2 sons in KS 1+2 and work shifts in Crewe as a personal assistant. Being part of the FWSA has allowed me to feel really involved in my children's school, make new friends and feel the satisfaction of making a difference.


Hi, I'm Anne - Treasurer of the FWSA.

I have recently joined, and I'm excited to be part of a super group of mums who form the committee team. It's great to be able to give something back to the school and be a part of organising the exciting experiences for the children and fundraising to enrich their learning and environment. 

I have 3 amazing children. 2 sons in KS1 and Little Acorns and my daughter already has her name down to join Little Acorns when she is old enough.

I work as a Financial Analyst part time and I hope that my experience can bring lots of new ideas to the group - after all any PTA works at its best with lots of different people and their strengths.


Hi, I’m Helen - Secretary of the FWSA.

I work alongside the Chairs to communicate with school and parents and take the minutes at our meetings. My son was a 2021 leaver and my daughter is in KS1. I was new to the area when my son started and through the FWSA I was able met other parents and feel part of the school community.

I like the fact that working with the team can be as much or little as I can manage - I am a lecturer so the flexibility of FWSA commitments means I can fit it around my work and home schedules. I love seeing the community come together at school events and I'm blown away by parents' and teachers' generosity with their time, support and creativity.


Hi, I’m Jo (S). - Social Media, Marketing & Comms for FWSA.

I have a son in KS1 & daughter in KS2. I started helping the FWSA in 2018.  Initially I volunteered as I was at home with the children and wanted to get involved.  With a background in sales, marketing & event management (and not being afraid to ask businesses for help!), I felt right at home from the moment I attended the meetings.  I became a trustee in 2022. I’ve recently gone back to work full time at a high school in Crewe so have much less time, but I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing team in the FWSA. I love nothing more than seeing the success at our big events.  It makes all the work behind the scenes so worthwhile.


As well as the Committee team, we have a group of amazing volunteers who attend meetings, support us running events, provide brilliant ideas and bring along their many varied skills and talents to help in our aim of raising much needed funds for our fabulous school. Not to mention the extremely supportive school staff who always go the extra mile to help.


To get involved in any way you can please feel free to get in touch, either on the playground or via email