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Pupil Interviews: September 2020




Coming back to school after lockdown and the summer break has been tough for some of our children. Mr Perrin and Miss Wright interviewed some children about their return. Here are the pupil responses….



Tell me about the return to school in September…


  • I’ve really enjoyed coming back to school and glad we are back. It has been fun and I do not feel nervous.
  • I was worried you would make me wear a mask. I’m happy I don’t have to.
  • I was fed up of home-school. I’m glad I can see my friends now.
  • It was kind of scary – the outside world feels a bit damaged
  • I feel like nothing has changed even though lots have changed
  • It’s really exciting
  • It’s good to see actual real life people without glitchy zoom!


How are the adults in school helping to keep you safe?


  • We’re not allowed to go in different classrooms or bubbles
  • Teachers and grown ups wear masks if they take us in groups
  • Everyone is trying to prevent us from catching coronavirus
  • They help me understand about coronavirus
  • We have hand sanitiser everywhere and signs
  • They’ve made some changes to breaks
  • I think they’re doing a really good job


How are you and other children helping keep school safe?


  • We’re not mixing
  • We try to keep our distancing
  • We do not share our equipment
  • We put our books in a basket for a few days so the germs die off
  • I make sure I wash my hands regularly
  • I have a mask in my bag but don’t wear it. I might start wearing it if others do.


Did you have any worries about coming back to school in September? Are you still worried?


  • Yes I had some worries
  • I was worried everything would be different
  • I thought things would get worse with coronavirus
  • I’m not as worried now. I feel a lot safer .
  • I am worried others won’t listen to the rules
  • I was a bit worried I would forget my friends names and would look silly if I couldn’t remember them



What is different about school and what’s the same?


  • Everyone is still in class together. I was worried we’d be split up
  • Playtimes are different but we have more space
  • It’s a lot less busy in the mornings when we come to school
  • School is cleaner
  • The classrooms look a bit different
  • We have folders and pots: it’s all very organised!
  • I have grown up so much
  • Everywhere you turn there’s hand sanitiser!


Tell me about your learning since being back to school…


  • It’s been tricky because we’re in an older class now so the work can be harder
  • I like our English we’re learning about Katherine Johnson who is very intelligent
  • I prefer school learning because I used to get wound up at home!
  • I am really happy about our learning. We get help straight away but at home we would have to wait because everyone is really busy
  • I feel like our curriculum is back to normal. We are definitely doing more and it’s much more fun!
  • Sometimes our parents couldn’t always help us straight away. I prefer teachers teaching me to my parents! (our reply: “I’m sure they feel the same!”)
  • At home, some of the work we did was too easy… Now there is a challenge!



It was pleasure speaking to the children and gaining their voice. The wellbeing of the children is paramount and we will keep nurturing and providing support during this difficult period.