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Reading is for life not just the classroom


This year we are focusing on improving the range and quality of texts that the children read. Not only will this impact on your child's reading skills but will also improve your child's range and use of vocabulary, the quality of their writing and ensure they become a successful learner throughout life.


You will find a list of recommended books for your child age range in their reading journal; these can be borrowed in school or at the public library.


A love of reading is the most important gift we can give our children; it builds empathy, strengthens our vocabulary and is often a chance for children to escape to another world.


Check out our pages to find some great book recommendations

Don't forget to listen to your child and sign your child's reading journal daily.

What can I write?

Praise, praise, praise. Jot down the pages read, any words you have learnt the meaning of, how fluent your child read, any words they struggled with.

Upcoming events:


'Aladdin': 16th November


Scholastic book fair: 23rd and 26th November


Usborne book fair: Spring 2019


World Book Day: Spring 2019