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Important Covid-19 Information


There are a number of measures in place across school to help safeguard children, families and staff against the spread of infection. Below is a summary of what this means for year 4 as well as a copy of the detailed September handbook which was prepared for parents in July.


Start and Finish Times


Year 4 will enter via the year 4 door*.

They will be following this timetable:



Start time

Break time

Lunch time

Finish time

 2 Sept – Half term

8:55 am

10:30 am

12:30 pm

3:20 pm


*Where we have siblings with different start times, please bring them to school
together at the earlier start time and pick them up at the later start time. They must
enter through their separate entrances. For example if you have a child in year 3 and
6, bring them to school at 8:45 am and pick them up at 3:00 pm. (see school booklet for parents).


What should my child bring to school?


Children can bring their usual bags and book bags to school. They will be provided
with their own stationery. They can bring their own if they wish. They must not share
any equipment with others. Water bottles must be filled and labelled with names.
School will not provide water cups during lessons or morning play time. After lunch,
children will be given the option of refilling water bottles with the help of their adults.
Throughout the day, water coolers will not be in use.


School Uniform & P.E.


All pupils should come in to school with a fresh and clean set of school uniform.
Where this is not possible (issues with quantity of uniform/ washing issues) we will
be relaxed in our approach to this policy. Children must wear their P.E. kit or
appropriate sports attire on days in which they are having P.E. They will not get
changed in school, they must come to school in their kit. However, please make the
effort to ensure children are dressed in our uniform and school kit in an attempt to
restore a sense of normality for the children and take pride in identifying as part of
Willaston Primary Academy.


Year 4 have P.E on Tuesday afternoon


Social Distancing and PPE

Adults around school have more of an ability to adhere to social distancing. This is
not always possible with little ones around. We also have realistic expectations when
working with young children. Children will be encouraged in free time to maintain
some distance. We cannot guarantee children will be separated 2m distance from
one another. Staff have also become adjusted to working with children in a different
way that enables them to stay a safe distance without appearing uncaring. Where
distancing cannot happen or where there may be an increased risk of catching
infection, staff will wear gloves, aprons, face masks and face shields/goggles. The
classrooms do not have enough space for children to work or sit by themselves,
therefore children will sit in pairs. Children will be reminded not to share equipment
and to avoid encroaching in other pupil’s personal space. Where possible, we will

limit the pupils to individual or paired work. We will also attempt to limit movement
around the classroom.