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Year 4’s

Let Battle Commence!

Welcome to a very exciting autumn term in year 4.


This term’s topic is Let Battle Commence, in which we will be studying the invasions by the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. There are plenty of opportunities for creative learning and challenging curriculum links.


To support our topic, we will be basing our learning around the Ancient Poem/legend of Beowulf and the fantasy novel of ‘How to train a dragon.’ We will be also using videos to stimulate our learning. These resources will inspire us to write using many different genres, including invitations,  character descriptions, recounts, recipes and explanation texts.

In Autumn 2 our attention is turning to the animated short film 'The Dragon Slayer'.  We will be predicting what happens at the point of dilemma and writing our own, alternative ending to this tale.


In Maths we will be basing our lessons on number, including place value and the four rules – addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will ensure that the children are able to apply these skills, ensuring levels of mastery in maths. Please can we take this opportunity to remind parents the importance of practicing basic number skills and times tables for Rainbow Maths; as well as drawing children’s attention to clocks around the home to help them learn to tell the time.


This term’s science includes:

Animals, including humans – students will learn about digestion, the digestive system, teeth, animal diets and food chains.

Sound – where pupils’ will understand how sound is made and travels as well as exploring patterns in pitch and the volume of sound


Our topic learning will be supported by a trip to Tatton Park (details to follow later this half term) to re-enact Anglo-Saxon and Viking village life. This will help us to develop the children’s understanding of British History; the Anglo Saxon and Viking lifestyles and also understanding why they left their homeland and what influenced where they settled. We will be learning about Anglo-Saxon jobs, religion, and Gods as well as Viking raids, long boats, trading, and their home lives and beliefs, whilst also comparing Anglo Saxon and Viking Britain to Modern Britain. In art we will be using clay to create Anglo-Saxon pottery exploring shape and pattern.  In Design and Technology we will design and make Viking shelters.


We will explore Scratch to support our topic work creating some games. Some of our work will also be presented by using Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.


PE lessons will be on a Wednesday and Friday and full kit is expected every week.  If ears are pierced please can you ensure your child can remove and replace them independently or provide tape to cover them - thank you!

We will be refining our gymnastic skills; creating sequences linked with balances and different forms of travel.  We are now using these skills on the apparatus with Mr Jones from Premier Education.  We practiced our sports hall athletics during Autumn 1 and now will be playing dodge ball until Christmas.


Mrs Savage will teach French on a Wednesday and will be focusing on the alphabet, body parts and animals,


In PHSCE Miss Fitzhugh will be exploring methods to overcome barriers to learning and positive thinking.

Later this term Miss Pickup will be teaching RE focusing on the important life events in Judaism and the Christian belief of the Trinity.

Spellings - to be tested Monday 15th October

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