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Term Dates and Absence



Term dates 2019-2020 


2019-20 Break Up INSET Return
Autumn 2019   Mon 2nd Sept 2019 Tues 3rd Sept 2019
Autumn half term 2019 Fri 25th Oct 2019   Mon 4th Nov 2019
Christmas 2019-20 Wed 18th Dec 2019 Mon 6th Jan 2019 Tues 7th Jan 2020
Spring half term 2020 Fri 14th Feb 2020   Mon 24th Feb 2020

Spring Break 2020

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 Fri 3rd Apr 2020 Mon 20th Apr 2020
CHANGED May Day Bank Holiday

Thu 7th May

Fri 8th May 2020

  Monday 11th May 2020
Summer half term 2020 Friday 22nd May 2020

Mon 1st/ Tues 2nd June


Wed 3rd June 2020
Summer Holiday 2020 Wed 22nd Jul 2020 Tues 1st Sept 2020 Wed 2nd Sept 2020




Term dates 2020-2021

2020-21 Break Up INSET Return
Autumn 2020   Tues 1st Sept 2020 Wed 2nd Sept 2020
Autumn half term 2020 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 Mon 2nd Nov 2020 Tues 3rd Nov 2020
Christmas 2020-21 Fri 18th Dec 2020 Mon 4th Jan 2021 Tues 5th Jan 2021
Spring half term 2021 Fri 12th Feb 2021   Mon 22nd Feb 2021

Spring Break 2021

Thu 1st Apr 2021   Mon 19th Apr 2021
May Day Bank Holiday Mon 3rd May 2021   Tues 4th May 2021
Summer half term 2021 Friday 28th May 2021

Mon 7th / Tues 8th June


Wed 9th June 2021
Summer Holiday 2021 Wed 21st Jul 2021 Mon 6th Sept 2021 Tuesday 7th Sept 2021

Absence Procedure


To report your child's absence call 01270 661528 option 1 or email You must inform school if: 


  • your child is unable to attend school due to illness
  • they have an upcoming medical/dental appointment
  • you need to collect them early 
  • absence due to other emergency/ exceptional circumstance


If your child has an illness or condition which is contagious such as chickenpox, impetigo, shingles, conjunctivitis etc, please let the office know so we can discuss the guidelines for your child's return to school.

Absence Requests


Parents are encouraged NOT to take their children on holiday during term time.

Absences for holidays will only be authorised under certain criteria - these include:

  • If a parent works in the armed forces
  • If the absence is for a pilgrimage or religious observance/ ceremony
  • Any exceptional medical circumstances which mean the absence cannot be at another time
  • If a parent works in a factory/business where there is an annual shut down and no other holiday time is available at any other points in the year – evidence from employers is required for this leave of absence to be considered.


A leave of absence request form can be obtained from the school office and needs to be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the absence. For further information, please see the Attendance and Punctuality Policy below.

Examination Dates - Absences to Avoid


Children in Year 6 will be sitting their KS2 SAT's test in the week of 11th-14th May 2020.  The children will be assessed in their writing capabilities up until the end of June 2020.


Children in Year 2 will be sitting their KS1 tests during the month of May 2020.  These will be completed by May half term, however children are still being assessed on their writing capabilities until the end of June 2020.


Children in Year 1 and children in Year 2 who did not pass their phonics test in Year 1, will be sitting their phonics test at the beginning of June 2020.







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