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Andrew Glennon

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Andrew Glennon

What inspired you to be an author?

He noticed that people spent too much time on technology and he didn’t spend enough time with his family, so he based The Loneliest Robot on that, and that’s what inspired him to become an author.

What is your book about?

My book is about a boy who spends too much time on technology therefore he acts like a robot. He meets a robot called Uma and they become friends.

What was your job before you became an author?

I was an international business manager but I left my job to spend more time with my family which led me to become an author.

When did you start writing?

I started writing two years ago and published my first book in 2017.

How does it feel to have a book published?

‘It’s a lovely feeling to receive a delivery with your name on the front cover on the book.’

Who is your favourite character in the book?

My favourite character is Felia Rose because she relates to my daughter and also Mr Give – Me – More.

Were you good at English at school?

I think I was very imaginative and creative but I don’t think I was good at grammar and punctuation.

Do you write straight onto a computer or onto paper?

I love technology so I type straight onto the computer

Fun Facts

  • The title for his book did not come to him until he was halfway through writing it

  • His favourite author is Roald Dahl

  • His target is to write around 1 ½ thousand words a day

  • His favourite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • His new book, The Loneliest Robot, has 200 reviews

  • Sold 5,000 copies

  • He has nearly finished his second book

  • When you click buy this book now on Amazon, it takes 2.6 seconds to print a book

written by Phoebe and Maya, photography by Aaron

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