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Willaston Primary Academy has a preferred dress code which is detailed below and supported by our parents.  In order to cater for all of our pupils we do not have a gender specific dress code. It is up to our pupils and families to decide what their child is comfortable wearing from within our uniform range.



Grey trousers / skirt / pinafore dress / culottes

White or navy polo shirts

Navy sweatshirt/cardigan

Navy tank top

Navy/Grey tights

Black shoes*


*Please ensure footwear is suitable for the rigours of a school day.  Fashion shoes, shoes with high heels and sandals are a safety risk and trainers, besides making the feet sweat, do not give growing feet the necessary support. 




Blue and white dresses

White or navy polo shirts

Grey tailored shorts 

Sun cap



Navy Blue shorts / T-shirt in house colour

Black pumps

Navy Joggers

Navy fleece zip up top


Trainers are recommended for outdoor work in KS2 as they provide better grip and protection than black pumps. Either is acceptable. As the children get older and play more structured games football boots may be more suitable.  Bare feet are used for indoor work, if your child does need to wear footwear for any reason then please let us know. 


Children are asked to remove earrings prior to P.E. or preferably leave them out on P.E. days.  We ask that children with shoulder length hair or longer tie it back for school.  This is for safety reasons and to prevent the spread of head lice.


All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

We use an online supplier for uniform who post orders directly to your home.  As well as stocking uniform which is embroidered with the school logo, you can also order other items of school wear such as PE shorts, joggers, bags and pumps. Please visit WWW.MYSCHOOLSTYLE.COM to order.  Please disregard the boys/girls uniform distinction on My School Style. This is not indicative of Willaston Primary Academy's dress policy.