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Incredible Journeys

Where will term 3 takes us?

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This term we will be looking at incredible journeys from around the globe and will also be creating some journeys of our own.


In English we will be reading enjoying a range of books about both actual and imaginative journeys: The River Story; Leon and The Place In Between; Varjak Paw and Journey. As always we will explore a video to enhance our learning. We will use these books and films to write poetry, stories, recounts, newspaper articles and plays. Our focus in SPAG will include: dialogue; complex sentences; adverbials and similes. The class will focus on learning the remainder of the Year 3/4 words and increase our tricky word knowledge.


We have now covered the four rules and have improved greatly at reasoning and problem solving. Our next focus is fractions and decimals before moving onto measurement and shape. We will keep focusing on our times tables. Have you practised the Ultimate Times Table test lately?


This term's topics include electricity and the state of matter (solids, liquids and gases).


We will be exploring Incredible Journeys from around the globe- through these topics we will also be identifying global issues both at home and around the world as well as looking at using media and ICT to present our learning:

  • The journey of a river from source to mouth
  • The journey of plastic
  • The journey of chocolate from bean to bar and through the ages
  • Our chocolate bar- a marketing journey
  • The journey of refuges
  • A journey in animation
  • People in Action - art

Finally we will be carrying out an independent study of Europe culminating in planning a journey of discovery.

French, RE and PHSE

Watch this space to find out more


As always if you have any expertise on the above please contact me. During the second term, we are hoping to interview parents and grandparents who may have grown up in a European country. Any volunteers?




Check out this term's homework matrix - try and complete 6 before the summer. Don't forget to stick in your homework book or email in a photo.

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