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Autumn Term

  This term our topic was


Madness and cool castles

Below are our pre-planning questions from our moving up day to give you an idea of what we looked at in class over the term. The children were really enthusiastic and had lots of interesting questions and they worked hard all term. Please find below some photos of the term.

Medieval madness and cool castles

  • Ross- How did people make swords?
  • Euan- How did they make shields?
  • George- Why did we have Knights?
  • Alfie- Why were there kings and queens?
  • Callum- Why were castles made?
  • Chloe- Why did kings and queens live in castles?
  • Evan- Where did medieval chefs get their ingredients from?
  • Eli- Why was there a medieval time?
  • Oliver.H-How were castles made?
  • Ethan- When was the first castle built?
  • Finn- Why did knights wear armour?
  • Emily- What was the first castle called?
  • Lucy- When was the medieval times?
  • Eva- How did they make bricks?
  • Oliver S- How did you become a knight?
  • Emelia- Where are there castles?
  • Lily- What did they eat in medieval times?
  • Maia- Where did people sleep?
  • Harvey- Who made the first castle?
  • Poppy- why did they have flags?
  • Harrison- How did knights sleep?
  • Olivia- What were the castles made of?
  • Oliver H-L- How did they go to the toilet in medieval times?
  • Oliver B- How did knights feel when they needed to fight?
  • Ben- How many castles are there in the UK?
  • Mia- How did they make thrones?
  • Rebecca- How did knights sit down in their armour?
  • Matthew- Can you make castles out of sand?
  • Mrs Burgess- Why do some castles have moats?
  • Miss Pickup-Why were castles built on hills?

Beeston Castle trip Autumn term

Medieval Madness Day

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