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The Amazing Amazon

The Amazing Amazon  1 The Great Kapok Tree
The Amazing Amazon  2 Red Eyed Tree Frogs
The Amazing Amazon  3 Pre-planning questions on the rainforest
The Amazing Amazon  4 Our rainforest facts
The Amazing Amazon  5 Lizard eyes sculptured from clay
The Amazing Amazon  6 Our working Wall

The Amazing Amazon


Welcome to another exciting term in year 4.


This term’s topic is the Amazing Amazon, in which we will be studying the Amazon Rainforest and River as well as the water cycle. There are plenty of opportunities for creative learning and challenging curriculum links. We will begin our topic during an exciting explorer day in the first week of term.



To support our topic, we will be basing our learning around the books ‘The Great Kapok Tree’  as well as studying a variety of poems We will again be using videos to stimulate our learning. Using these resources, we will be inspired to write in many different genres; including stories, poems, persuasive letters, diaries, non-chronological reports and explanation texts.



In Maths we will be learning about division and multiplication, as well as fractions and decimals. We will have plenty of opportunities to apply our skills, ensuring levels of mastery in maths. We will also be constantly refreshing our arithmetic knowledge from last term. Please can I take this opportunity to remind parents the importance of practicing basic number skills and times tables; as well as drawing children’s attention to clocks around the home to help them confidently tell the time.



This term’s science is Living Things.

Students will learn about Living Things including grouping living things, classification keys and the impact of the environment and man on living creatures; as well as exploring food chains within the Amazon rainforest. We are also looking forward to an exciting Science week in March.



Our topic learning will be closely related to the Geography of South America- in particular the Amazon. We will be studying the river and rainforest; looking at both physical and human characteristics. This will help us to develop the children’s global understanding of South American people and their culture. We are also arranging an exciting day to enhance our learning later in the term. In art we will be creating rainforest scenes in the style of Henri Rousseau, as well as developing our weaving skills. In Design and Technology, we will research, design and construct an Amazon house.



We will begin to look at databases to create graphs using excel in order to compare The Amazon region with the UK. Then we will learn to programme and control a caiman in the Amazon River.



PE lessons will be on a Thursday this half term with Mr Derby and full kit is expected every week. This half term, we will also go swimming on a Tuesday.



Madame Leydon will continue to teach French on a Wednesday and will be focusing on the names of different members of our family including pets and look at how to introduce them.



In RE we will be exploring religion through creative arts . In PHSE the class will begin to look at the effects of alcohol and its associated risks.



Finally, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any special interest or knowledge of any areas of our curriculum and are able to enhance the children’s learning experience.

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