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Summer Term

Welcome to the Summer term in Year 5!

The final term in Year 5! 

What a busy term it will be...




Our text focus this term is ‘Stitch Head’ by Guy Bass. We will begin by looking at clues provided on the cover, blurb, foreword and prologue to make predictions about the story. Following this, we are going to work on character descriptions, designing our own creations in the style of the book. Our non-fiction focus will be non-chronological reports, which will focus on castles, as this is the setting in which Stitch Head lives. We will then contrast this by writing a chronological report, in the form of a newspaper report, to announce the suspicion that the castle is haunted, in response to a monster trying to escape! Later in term, we will base our English work on a short-film ‘The Lone Robot’ and also a short-story ‘Weslandia’.


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In maths we will continue to concentrate on developing our problem solving skills using the 4 operations. We will look in detail at fractions, decimal numbers and percentages – finding equivalents and how to convert, order and compare all of these. Adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions in different forms (mixed numbers and improper fractions) will also be a focus as well as finding fractions of amounts and putting this into real life problems. We will also continue to practise key mathematical skills such as halving and doubling, times tables and number bonds.


Rainbow Maths will continue as last term.

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Guided Reading

The format for Guided Reading will continue to take place within two Guided Reading sessions, linked to the class texts where appropriate. The first shorter session will be skill-based tasks, according to the Year 5 Reading objectives. The longer session will have a greater emphasis on the different aspects of comprehension required to complete relevant tasks, e.g. inference and deduction.


Our Topics during the Summer Term are ‘All Living Things’ and ‘Animals, including Humans’. Within this, we will learn about the life cycles of plants and a variety of other living things, including mammals, insects and amphibians. Following on, we will begin to look at the human life cycle in greater detail, looking at how babies develop and how our bodies change throughout puberty.



Year 5 will have PE on a Thursday and Friday this half term – please ensure the children have a full PE kit, hair bobbles and the ability to remove any earrings.

During the Thursday PE lessons  Mrs Hodgson will teach the rules and skills of rounders and use these within some competitive matches.

The PE topic on Friday with Mr Jones and Mrs Hodgson - this will be tennis. This will support the development of hand-eye coordination and also learning the rather complicated scoring system of tennis.



Our new topic is ‘Unique Us’ in which we are looking at ourselves as individuals, our rights and responsibilities and how we fit into our school and wider community. We are also looking further afield – identifying and plotting countries and capital cities across the world as well as looking at the differences between countries, what that means for their economy and how it affects us in Willaston. We will ask questions – ‘Where does our food come from and why?’ Later in the term water will be a focus which will allow us to look at the importance of water and how charity is supporting the flow of water across the globe. By the end we should all have a greater knowledge of the impact we can all have on our communities – far and wide.



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