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Tapestry- Online learning journey

Here at Willaston Tapestry is one of the methods we use to record your child’s reception learning journey, as well as their Maths and English work books. Your child has been set up with their own account which we will upload photo’s and videos of your children’s learning. You will also be able to upload photographs of any special events and wow moments that occur outside of school with your child.  In Tapestry you will be able to comment on the observations made at school but unfortunately we are unable to reply to them. Tapestry will also provide you with next steps for your child so you can see how you can support their learning at home.


If you haven’t returned the Tapestry parental permission form please return it to school as soon as possible so we can allow you access to your child’s account.


Reading and phonics

We have a phonics and reading meeting scheduled on Tuesday 17th September straight after school. This meeting will have lots of useful information about the way we teach your child to read and write and also how you can support them at home. You will be also given an information booklet providing you with lots of information.  Before the first half term your child should take home their first reading book. Also, they will be given high frequency and tricky words to learn which will support their reading.



Toilet accidents are very common in reception, especially during the first term. We encourage the children to go to the toilet whilst they are “getting busy” during activities so they aren’t missing out on any crucial learning during the short carpet time. We regularly remind the children to go to the toilet but inevitably accidents happen. When they do, we make sure your child has a clean pair of underwear and clothes to change into. For hygiene reasons we place the wet clothes in a nappy sack on the outside of their school bag, in case of leakage. Also, we have talked to the children about informing an adult if they do have an accident. If you are aware that your child has regular accidents it would be helpful if you put a spare set of clothing in their rucksack. Finally, please could you wash and return any clothes/ underwear given to your child as soon as possible to avoid a shortage of supplies.



Your child has direct access to water and their water bottles throughout the day and we remind them to have a drink. We do ask them not to get a drink during our short carpet time inputs. Carpet time is typically 20minutes and we do not want them to miss out on any essential learning! Please can you ensure they bring in water, not juice. In the morning the children also have milk and fruit time.


Start and end of the day.

Please bring your child onto the bottom playground, where once the whistle has blown they will line up with their class. We encourage you to say goodbye to your child here and we will walk them round to their classroom. Once we are inside we will encourage them to find their coat peg, put their book bag in their named drawer


At the end of the day, we will walk your child back round to the playground in a line. In order to ensure your child’s safety we will only let the children leave the line when we see the parent/carer who is collecting them at the end of the day. Whilst we are still getting to know you, this may take a little time at the beginning of the term so please bear with us.


If your child is going to be picked up by another adult other than you, please let us know who that person will be. In the past some parents have uploaded a picture of who that person is onto Tapestry.


PE sessions

This term our PE sessions will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. PE kits will be returned home every half term to be washed and please return them to school on the first day back. Please practice unbuttoning and buttoning shirts with your child.


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