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This Week in Y2 2018 to 2019



Just a quick note to say thanks for all of the lovely gifts and cards that I received from parents and carers at the end of the Summer term. I was very moved by your generosity and it really was very kind of you all.


I hope you all continue to have a lovely summer break and I'll see you around in September.


Many thanks 


Mr Sykes

That’s all folks!


Tomorrow is our last day in the year 2 classroom and this will be my last post. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone, parents and children alike, for all of your support this year. You are all just amazing and I can’t wait to see how everyone gets on in year 3. Knowing the teachers well, I’m sure that next year will be even better.


We had our crazy water fight today (pics below). All I can say is I was very grateful to myself for making a ‘safe zone’ after venturing out into the field and being drenched. 


So this is Mr Sykes signing off from this year’s year 2 class pages. I hope you’ve found them useful and informative. 


I would wish you all a relaxing summer but knowing this class and having three children myself, it’s perhaps a little more realistic to wish you a ‘fun’ summer! 


Thanks again for a great year!


Mr Sykes 🤓


Water Fight!

WC 12.07.19


We had a fantastic school trip to Delamere and the children were able to experience minibeasts in their natural habitats. It was just such a great trip and I hope you enjoyed the photos.


I'd just like to pop on a quick note about homework. The last two weeks have been very busy ones in school, both during the school day and with after-school events and activities too. The children have worked tremendously hard this year so I'm sensing a tone! 


Therefore, I've decided not to set any more homework before the end of term.  Instead, have great last few weeks, enjoy some family time when you have a spare moment and get ready for the summer break.


For those wishing to take part, I've arranged a whole school summer diary homework competition with Mr Perrin to allow children to maintain their writing over the summer holidays. Keep an eye out for letters about this coming home.


At the end of term, I'll send homework books (including the CGP books) for you to keep. The CGP books still have some activities that were not set as homework so feel free to complete those with your children over the summer if you wish.


I hope the children enjoy our last few weeks in year 2!


Mr Sykes

WC 22 June 


Aw! What a lovely message from Miss Tyrell. The children really enjoyed having her in class as their teacher and it has been great to support her this past 4 months. She's been brilliant and we all wish her every success!


In year 2 this week we said goodbye to Miss Tyrell with a class party and some art.


In English we have begun to write a report about minibeasts! The children have been using technical language and vocab to construct an expert information text. We've also been focusing on our handwriting, spelling and presentation in preparation for year 3 - which (unbelievably) is fast approaching us now. Mr Perrin is going to visit us next week to see how we've been getting on and if everyone has risen to his challenge to improve our presentation, we'll be able to have an end of KS1 class party. Fingers crossed!


In maths we have been looking at what we understand about a given single digit number and all known facts related to this number. We've been using egg boxes and ten frames to help us visualise the number. We've also been working on multiplications again, this time our 4 times table.


In topic we've gone minibeast mad and built tumble traps in the forest area to see what minibeasts we could catch. As it was also the new reception intake settling in days , we had the reception class wit us too.

We showed the reception children how we use handwriting lines and we practised using year 1 words in preparation for next year. Each reception child had two year 2 buddies to support them through the day. We had reception visitors in two group of 15 children.


We took out the big parachute and played some exciting games on the school field in the sunshine. It was also a great opportunity to get out the guitar and sing some fun songs too!


What a week!


Tomorrow is Move Up Day and the class will get to meet their year 3 teachers, ready for next year. Meanwhile, I'll be explaining to my new year 2 class what big shoes they'll have to fill next year :)


On Friday, we head to Delamere to the Fox Howl Centre to set out on our minibeast adventure. Don't forget your wellies, sun cream, raincoat and packed lunch.


Mr Sykes

Dear Year 2 parents,


As many of you will be aware, I have come to the end of the final placement of my PGCE with this wonderful class and will officially finish on the 26th June.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being patient with me as I learned the ropes and also for all of the work you have done with your children at home. I appreciate all the time you have put in to helping the children with their homework, but also the countless things you do every day to shape your children into the kind, helpful and polite little humans they are!


 I have really enjoyed this placement. There are so many things I have learned along the way, from the staff and from the children and I hope I have become a better teacher. The challenges of teaching are many and varied, but I can honestly say that every challenge has been worth it to see your children progress as they have.


Thank you to all of the children for working their very hardest and being an absolute joy to teach. I really will miss teaching them!


Also thank you so much to Mr Sykes, who has been an amazing mentor to me, providing lots of advice, support and (most importantly) coffee.


Your children are lucky to attend such a lovely school, and have a very bright future ahead of them. I wish them all the best of luck in their transition into year 3 and their school careers beyond then.


Kind regards,


Miss Tyrell


We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end!

We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 1
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 2
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 3
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 4
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 5
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 6
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 7
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 8
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 9
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 10
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 11
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 12
We have been learning about interpreting and recording statistics. We tried our hand at making block graphs whilst trying not to eat the Smarties until the end! 13

This week we identified minibeasts on our school pond.

Still image for this video
Following our work on habitats we headed down to our pond to see if we could identify some of the different creatures that can be found in there. We caught water boatmen, tadpoles, freshwater hog lice, freshwater shrimp and even leeches!

The children learned how to go pond dipping without damaging the wild life and used our chart to identify what they caught.

Special note: Please be aware that our PE days have changed for this half term to Mondays and Wednesdays. 




Miss Tyrell

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your support in the run up to our quizzes this year. They are all complete and the children now know that they have done their year 2 SATs (if they didn’t know before!)

They’ve worked very hard and have completed Maths, Reading, Spelling and SPAG assessments over the past 3 weeks.

I’m really pleased with how hard they have tried and the stamina they have shown in completing the various quizzes they’ve been faced with.

With this in mind, there will be no homework for the half term holiday.


Have a lovely break!


Mr S

Lego Wedo 2.0 has landed in Y2

We are very lucky to be the first in the school to use Lego Wedo2.0 for our computing lessons this week. Thanks to the work of the FWSA and donations from parents, children throughout the school are now able to use this to enhance their computing lessons and their science. We began by creating a glowing snail, a cooling fan and a revolving satellite using the motors from the sets! Great fun and all applying the coding principles we have learnt through scratc junior!



Welcome back everyone!


I hope the break was fun and that everyone is feeling more refreshed. This week is a short week but the highlight is clearly the trip to Leasowe Lighthouse.


We travelled to the RNLI Lifeboat station at Hoylake first to find out what modern day sea rescue is like. We’ve been studying Grace Darling in class and she saved many lives in the 1800’s. It was incredible to see the modern equipment up close. The boat was huge!

After this, we headed to Leasowe to climb the Lighthouse and get a feel for what life would have been like for Grace Darling and Mr Grinling, although Mr Grinling didn’t usually have to sleep in the Lighthouse! It was cold. We visited three different room sin the lighthouse. In the old bedroom we looked at a bulb from the modern lamps, took a look at an old fashioned hot water bottle and found out that children had made each brick in the lighthouse, leaving their fingers prints in the bricks.

In the storage room we found out why lighthouses were needed and that there used to be two lighthouses at Leasowe, but one fell apart 4 years after it was built.

In the parlour, we found out how they went to the toilet in the Lighthouse and how the lighthouse had been restored thanks to donations and volunteers. Oliver said volunteers are “people who do a bit extra.”

After this we ate our lunch on the bus (thank you Mr Bus Driver!) and drove to New Brighton. There we visited Donna’s Ice Cream parlour for a cheeky ice cream, walked along the promenade and took our buckets and spades on the beach for a sandcastle building competition.

Mrs Gidman, Miss Tyrell, Mrs Blackburn, Mrs Walker, Mrs Holding and Mrs Wainwright all came along. It was a fantastic day and I must thank all of the staff and parents for being so dynamic, kind and helpful during the whole day.

Special thanks to Mrs Wainwright for driving the parents to Leasowe and making an emergency biscuit stop! smiley


We all had a fantastic day, the children behaved beautifully and I’m sure they’ll remember it.


Mr S

Y2 Science Week 2019

Still image for this video

w/c 11th March

It has been a brilliant week in year 2. Miss Tyrell is back with us and we are grateful for her support in class, Mr Cooper has been reading with the children, Mrs Brown has been reading with us and helping us out with our study work books and Miss Messina has been supporting some of the children with their knowledge of shape.


Mrs Gidman has been helping some children with their reading, writing and maths work and Miss Pickup has been teaching the children about the Judaism. 


It's science week and we've been learning about the importance of hygiene and keeping clean. The children have spread germs (glitter) around the class and then looked at the best way to wash hands.


We've also had a visit from scientists to teach us about bones and nutrition - thanks to Miss Phenton!  


Some of our class have been very brave and read aloud to huge groups of children in assemblies and and gatherings. I'm very proud of you for doing such a great job and overcoming your nerves.


Hopefully, we'll see lots of you in class on Friday morning!


Mr S

WC 4th March


Lost In Words


This week it is World Book Day and we are celebrating the opening of our library. Aside from the activities planned for the the grand opening on Wednesday and the author who is visiting school, we've been exploring "spells" from 'The Lost Words' book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, in which there are a number of poems including nature words that have been left out of the Oxford children's dictionary. the poems are designed to bring them back life.


We looked at Ferns and Lark this week, exploring their use of language and looking at new vocabulary like 'furled' and 'torrenting' and this inspired us to write our own acrostic poems for PUFFIN and SEA THRIFT to fit in with our topic. The children have written their own poems and produced art work to go alongside them. Some of our work will be on display it he library so please look out for it. The rest will be featured in the our topic books.


In maths we've continued to work on fractions and will be be exploring equivalent fractions this week. This will be the end of our work on fractions before we move on to a new block of work.


In PE we've been working on a routine in gymnastics including a forward roll, pike and straddle!


In topic we've been looking at how Sea Side holidays have changed and everyone who brought in their interviews with friends and family were able to share this with the class.


We also spent some time looking at homework over the last week. Thank you for your help with the children's topic homework. We all really enjoyed looking at the individual pieces of work.


Mr  S


Back after Half Term!

We're back!


We had a great last week before half term. In particular, the visit from Anna Jackson was a real highlight. 


Now that the holiday is over we've jumped straight in at the deep end and started more work on thirds and quarters and how to find fractions of shapes and quantities. We had a fractions picnic after lunch and the children shared out food including grapes, wraps and chocolate. As the weather was so nice, we took it out on the field to eat before our special assembly in the afternoon. 


I arranged for Stoke City to come to school today as they are building up their young fan base by offering discounted tickets to primary aged children. Year 2 children receive a free bag and home supporter's shirt, which the children loved. Children in year 2 also receive a pair of free tickets for the game on 18th March - additional tickets can be bought for £5. If you want to know more, the children brought a bag home with all the details inside. I'm hoping to bring my family along too. I'm not a Stoke fan, but I'm sure the experience of sitting in the special stand will be exciting and hopefully they'll win their game against Reading.


Over the next few weeks, we'll be book banding again so you should receive some information about that through the reading diaries over this half term. Don't forget that children bring their diaries in each day. We now have a number of helpers in class and it's a shame if we can't let you at home know about the reading your child has done in class. 


I've booked a school trip on Tuesday 16th April and I'll be sending out the letter confirming detail shortly.


Mrs Tyrell will be back with us for her long placement on 4th March. She'll be busy in class working with the children and you will no doubt hear about the lovely work she has been doing. I've also asked her to prepare some updates online about what she will be doing in class so please look out for those.


Finally, we start our work with Premier Education this half term. the children will be doing gymnastics every Friday afternoon. Please make sure kits are back in ready for Friday's lesson.


Have a lovely week enjoying the strangely hot weather!


Mr Sykes




Year Two's Terrific Topic Homework

31st January


Well this week has gone very fast indeed and it has been busy...




In English we have been working hard at being reporters for our Bear and the Piano story. We're in the final week of our work on this now and the children have produced some great newspaper reports about Bear. We'll finish the learning for this unit with a piece of writing retelling the story using elements of the writing styles we've learned along the way.




In maths we've been continuing our work on division and are almost ready to move on. This week we've looked at the principal of division including the use of methods such as bar models to represent problems. We've also earned about related multiplication and division facts (families of facts) and we'll finish the week with problem solving activities. 



In topic we created our own beech huts for our class display using water colours and also acrylic pens.We wrote our questions for the rest of the topic and we began our c=scratch coding, working towards out book related work.




In PE we played a crazy game called 'attack or defend'. Children had to choose whether or not they would attack their opponents cone and knock it down with a soft ball or defend their own cone. It was a fast paced game that the children really enjoyed so we are going to have another game tomorrow, as well as learning how to play bench ball (without benches!).


Finally, we have now collated the orders for the CGP home study books they some of you have ordered since parents evening. We will be placing the order tomorrow so we'll be able to send those books home shortly. 


As usual, I've posted  a few pictures from the week below.


Have a good week!


P.S - We've had some more cracking homework!


Mr Sykes

What's been going on...

23rd January


I'd just like to welcome our new class teacher Miss Tyrell who will be with us until June. Miss Tyrrell will be working alongside me in class as she undertakes her PGCE course with Staffordshire University. She has already made a splash and knows most of the children. She'll be with us for little while until her placement starts officially in March. I'm sure you will all joins me in welcoming Miss Tyrrell to the team and we are very lucky to have her support. 




In maths we are learning about multiplication and division. We have learnt about sharing into equal groups and about the meaning behind the division symbol itself. We have practised dividing cubes into equal groups of 2, 5 and 3. We also completed stem sentences to explain our working out. We are moving this into pictorial problems and division sentences, ultimately aiming to build our fluency and use our skill sot solve more complex problems.




The Bear and the Piano has been a great book to kick of our learning this year. We've been able to recap on all of our previous learning by writing setting descriptions of his forest, we've writing short section of the narrative and we've written post cards from Bear to his friends in the forest which we will use for our class display.  We are going to write a newspaper article this week and then we'll be re-telling the story, hopefully including some of the writing skills we've practised!



This last week we've continued with our Science learning. We've continued to look at how animals change as they grown and the animal life cycle. We wrote conclusions for our experiment and looked at the basic needs of animals - how the are similar and how they may differ too.


Topic - We finally began our topic this week by writing our pre-planning questions about beaches and oceans. We've also been learning My Lighthouse and Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.


Finally, there has been some great topic homework this week and I've taken pictures. Have a look below:


Mr S  :)


Our week (23rd January)

11th January 2019


I hope everyone had a great break over Christmas. It has been a great week this week, hearing about the children's holidays and getting back into the swing of things. We've hit the ground running and everything (and everyone!) is much calmer now that Christmas is over.


Please take a look on the class pages for the 'Beside the side, Beside the sea' topic plan. We have started aspects of it this week (mainly science) but I'm holding back a few things until we start our topic related class text. At the moment, I thought it would be nice to get back into routine with some different text so we are working on something different for now.




In English we have been busy exploring the cover of our text, The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield, making predictions about the story and the character and really getting stuck into some amazing descriptions of his forest home. I'll put pictures up of some of these after the weekend but we are all working very hard indeed.




In maths we've been working on finding equal groups to match multiplications and repeated addition. The children have been working through a series of different problems to improve their fluency and understanding of what is happening when we multiply. We've had the block out, counters and today we have been finding reversing the process by starting with the product and thinking about how we would get there with multiplication and addition. Build it, draw it and write has been the motto of my little group this week as we've started with a number like 8, built it with counters and put into equal groups of two, counted up how many groups it has made (4) and then turned that into a multiplication saying, "4 x 2 = 8. Four twos are 8.  Four equal groups of two are eight. 2+2+2+2=4." we've paid particular attention to what the x symbol means and the children are using terms such as "equal groups" or "lots of" which is great.



We've done lots of science this week and that has been looking at animal life cycles of bears, penguins and humans. Today we are looking at growth stages in humans and how humans change as they get older. I've arranged for two children from each year group to pop in this afternoon so we can time how long it takes them to drink a glass of water. We'll then explore what happens and record results!




This is back on track again now and hopefully you can all adapt to the sudden influx of homework again. If you have any problems, just let me know. 




PE is now on Monday and Thursday so please ensure the children have all the kit they need and as agreed, I'll keep it in school until the end of the half term. We are playing ball games to improve our sending and receiving skills.


Finally, book banding has recommenced and its great to see progress. I know it can be frustrating at times if you feel your child is ready and we're not able to band them however, this is now proving to me without a doubt that our Y2 strategy of banding earlier in the term and working on comprehension and inference skills through guided reading session in class and small groups, combined with regular home reading and questioning is paying off. I['m sure you'll agree with me that it is much better for children to feel they are progressing each time they are assessed, rather than remaining on the same band because they are not quite ready. From time to time we may run out of books in your child's band but we'll continue to do our best to stay on top of this where we can.


Have a great week.


Mr Sykes

Catching in PE the week...

I think I'll choose  festive red for this post...


It's nearly Christmas. I'm so sorry I've lapsed with the weekly updates but the nativity has made things particularly busy around the KS1 department so I've not had the time in the evenings to post my updates. Never the less, post shall resume normal functionality and regularity in the New Year.


Wow! The nativity went very well. Thank you to everyone who managed to see it and the help with the clothing etc. The children were fantastic and we were all very proud of their performance. Needless to say, that took some time and so life in year 2 has not quite been the same since we began rehearsals. Since the end of the nativity we have been doing lots of writing and topic work for our study work books (as Joshua C keeps reminding me the are called!). They are looking fab and over the remaining few days I'll be working individually with the children to add their finishing touches. You'll get to see them at parents evening and I'm sure you'll recognise the work and effort the children have put into them. I'm also certain you'll appreciate how much of a shift this is from what has happened in previous years at Willaston. Our first book has been tricky but the children have adapted well to the format, are proud of their creations and should be able to apply the skills much more readily in term 2.


Looking towards 2019...

When we come back after the break we will be studying a set of books with a particular focus on improving their writing and reading skills in light of the recent assessment that have taken place.

We will then progress on to our main topic books towards the end of January.


Parents' evening is on the horizon and I'll be meeting with each of you to discuss how your children are getting on. I'll provide each of you with some targets and things to think about at home to help with your child's progress. Each child is different of course, but many our goals are shared. For example, in English independent spelling, capital letters and full stops within pieces of writing will be key. To that effect, most of the topic homework next term will include a written element to promote the "High Five" sentence work that is expected in year 2. I'll be reminding all of the children of this on a daily basis and we'll be referring to the graphic below quite often as a reminder. I'll send one home with the homework books in the New Year.

Image result for high five sentence

Keep an eye on the class pages in early January for updates about the upcoming topic for the term. 


Reading and Book Banding


We'll be continuing to book band in the new term. We will book band as many children as is possible during the first half term. As we work on a cycle, obviously those children that have been recently book banded will not be book banded again just yet. We will be continuing to aim to hear each child read weekly either with me, a parent helper (Mrs Brown), Mrs Gidman/Miss Pickup or possibly with my father in law, Mr Cooper who helps on a Wednesday.  Book club will be taking place twice weekly after lunch on a Tuesday and Thursday for group guided reading where I will also prompt children to change books. They are still free to change books under their own steam each morning if they need to. We will also continue to have our whole class reading sessions once per week. As always, please make sure the children have their books and reading diaries with them so they can be stamped but I will also continue to keep my own record.


Thanks to all of you (children and families) for your help, hard work and enthusiasm this term. I hope you all enjoy the holiday period and I am looking forward to all the exciting things that 2019 holds for year 2. 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Mr S

Another great creative homework. This is Olivia's game invention. I think it is possibly a top Christmas seller this one! (If you support Arsenal)

Another great creative homework. This is Olivia's game invention. I think it is possibly a top Christmas seller this one! (If you support Arsenal) 1

Well....It is 4:23 and I have just tidied up after today's medieval madness. Well, tidied-ish. What a day! We had a great time. I'm not going to say too much about it as I am sure the children have their own tales but this was our plan for the day:


Medieval Words – Middle English


The children had to find the meanings of some middle English words such as 'thou' and 'betwixst'. They were hidden around the room for them to find.



We looked at quills and talked about their use in medieval times; before and beyond. The children cut and formed their own quills from goose feathers and used them with ink to try their hand at calligraphy.

Finally, they created their own place setting for the banquet.


Medieval Dance

Next we tried our hand at some simple medieval dance ready for the banquet.


Goblet Decorating

we looked at medieval goblets for the rich and wealthy. Everybody decorated a plastic goblet like the ones we saw and left it ready on their tables for the afternoon.


Medieval Banquet

Over lunch, Mrs Gidman, Aaron from Y6 and I prepared the room for banquet with a range of different foods similar or the same as that of the period. We talked about each of the items on the table including why and how it was used. We also tried to identify some weirder ingredients and tried peasant's pottage too, just so we had both perspectives on life in medieval times.



As a surprise, Mrs Hodgson and I had arranged for Sportscape to drop off some real archery sets so that we could hold and archery tournament. Thomas had a great eye for the target and I think he was our overall winner. Many thanks to Sportscape for the loan of the equipment.


We did it all! Thanks to Mrs Gidman for all of her hard work today. I'd also like to thank Mrs Messina for volunteering and for tidying our classroom after the wild banquet.


I've posted the pictures from today below. Thank YOU for your efforts with the costumes, parents. They were amazing!


Finally, thank you to the children for their enthusiasm.


Mr S

Some of the creative homework this week

7th November


Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a good half-term break. The children needed the rest and they have come back on fire. We've had a good start to this term and lots of the things we were learning to do last half term have now become (almost) second nature to us.


I maths we've hit the ground running by delving into addition, adding 2-digit numbers to ones, tens and other mixed two digit numbers. Shark fin method has been very useful for this and I'll post some video examples of this from the children later in the week. I've added time tables to our homework and we'll be doing a weekly quiz on them. I've included the information you need for this int he homework books. 


In English we've been working on our study work as well as progressing to phase 6 phonics. In phonics we've been looking at past tense and adding 'ed' to verbs. We still have plenty to do on this but we've learnt how to add ed to verbs ending in e. 


Our topic work has been fun and we have been learning about the life of a paige!


In Geography we've been looking at China and Wales and some of their dragon culture.


Don't forget topic day next Tuesday! 


Mr Sykes





24 October 


We had a great day at Whittington Castle yesterday. A huge thank you goes out to the parents helpers, Mrs Conroy, Mrs Holding and Mrs Mayne for their support with a busy day around the medieval castle of Whittington. 


Sue, our host, and Sir Grumpalot were very helpful, providing us with full day of activities ranging from dressing up to telling stories and going on a quiz trail around the castle in role. some of the room in the castle were lovely and the children had an opportunity to learn lots about life in the castle.


I'd also like to thank Mr Gidman who, as always, was instrumental in the organisation of the day.


I'll post pictures of the trip below.


Half term is already upon us. We've pencilled in the date for the 13th November for our medieval topic day. Children are invited to come in fancy dress (knights, princesses, kings, queens etc) and participate in a day of medieval activities which will lead up to a final banquet at the end of the day. I'll send out an email from the school office about this before the end of the week.


Homework is listed on the Homework pages and in the children's books.


Have a great half term and thanks again for your support this term.


Mr S


18th October


It was chaos...


...and I don't believe the year two classroom has ever seen the likes of it before, nor is it likely to see it again! Oh yes, we began creating our castles in cardboard this week. The children were  brilliant at working in teams to create all of their pieces ready for fixing and painting next week. A huge thank you goes out to parents for all of the packaging that was sent. There is still just about enough room in the classroom for the children to climb in each morning :)


I am sitting down with Mrs Gidman this week to arrange our topic day for the early part of next half term. We will be confirming this later but fancy dress for all will be a part of the day (Medieval/Dragon themed) just to give you all a heads up. 


In maths we are working on number bonds to 20 and relating these to subtraction facts and bonds to 100. We will then move on to solving word problems involving these facts before the half term break.


In phonics we've been working on spelling tricky words from phase 5.


In English we have answered questions about the first chapter of our new book (The Dragonsitter) as well as retelling familiar stories.


Next week is the school trip to Whittinghton Castle. I visited the castle with my children on Saturday. Sue Ellis, the castle manager was lovely and took the time to show us around the site. It looks set to be a lovely trip. We've been learning about Whittington and some facts about its geography. The children will be using this in their study work and the trip will really help to bring this aspect of their learning to life.


Finally, we created our family Christmas cards this week. Don;t forget to place your order online and return the cards asap so that they can be sent off for printing. I've posted a few pictures of the cars in progress below.


Have a lovely week and see you at the Fireworks Extravaganza next Friday! 


Mr S 



8th October

Because Willaston School is the best…


Music has been a big feature of our current learning. We have started a new unit of learning in music and the children have been playing body percussion and untuned instruments for call a response beats. In our singing assemblies we have been learning songs for harvest and our KS1 nativity has finally arrived! Very exciting!


And it has been another busy old week in year 2! After lots of hard work in maths, we are finally ready to move on from place value. We’ll keep revisiting it in mini lessons but next we will be moving on to addition and subtraction. Please support your children’s learning by helping them to know their 2, 5, 10 times tables as well as counting in 3s, 4s, and 8s. Any support at home will greatly benefit the children in class.


In English we have finished our last piece of writing for George and the Dragon. We now move onto our new book, The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey. This will be out main book of study until December and all of our English learning will be based upon it. No need to read this one at home though please as I’d like to surprise the children in our lessons with each stage of the book.

Thanks again for the additional homework tasks that have come in and also the cardboard that we will use for our DT and science project. The children are very proud of their work and so are we. I particularly liked the science task Jack made and Harriet’s medieval musical instrument research this week. During the remainder of this week, we’ll be learning more about Whittington Castle as part of our top secret study work.




Mrs Gidman has been working hard on book banding the children. We aim to get through the whole class within this term and if we can go faster, we certainly will. We’ve started banding the children who haven’t been assessed for the longest time. If your child hasn’t been banded, please don’t worry. We will get there but we like to work chronologically.

Also, if your child doesn’t move up a level when banded, please don’t be disheartened. They will get there and will be reassessed when we feel they are ready. The assessments take into account understanding of the text as well as fluency. You can help with reading at home by stopping to check their understanding of what they’ve read after a few pages. If this means less reading but more understanding, that is absolutely fine. Children are still free to change their books daily after lunch. I know there are a few that don’t remember this despite reminders from home and me. We’ll keep hounding them!


Have a good week!

Mr S

Get well soon, Jayden!

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4th October


Hello everyone,


We've been getting technical this week. The children joined our class SeeSaw account using the QR codes around the room. They've made videos about each other and in maths they've used the app to create mini videos explaining how a numbers can be shown. Jake and Olivia BW provided a brilliant example for everyone in the class - I would not be surprised if they became famous Youtube celebrities. The audio and for this picture is below.


In English we've been publishing our letters to cousin Benjamin. I can't wait to read the final versions. In our reading we started our whole class guided reading sessions. These will take place each Monday. The children did well with the first story - an ebook called ' Dragon in the City'.


Each morning our first task of the day is phonics related. We are currently recapping phonics from phase 5 which most of the the children studied last year. After half term we will begin phase 6. Some children stay in class with me, some move next door to work with Mr Ford and others work with Mrs Gidman.


*Please Note:


I've also sent home the CGP books this week. Please keep them at home except for Tuesdays when homework needs to be handed in.Children need only hand in the book that corresponds to the homework they have done that week, either in SPaG or Maths. The other book can remain at home until it is needed. Please only complete the homework that I set in these books. I will try to match it to work we have covered in class and its much better to tackle the work little and often rather than sitting down and doing big chunks of the book. In some cases there will be a different homework set.


Have a good week!


Mr Sykes

Jake and Olivia BW - Ways to show a number

Jake and Olivia BW - Ways to show a number 1

Jake's explanation...

27th September


Firstly, can I just say how cool some of the homework is that the children have done from the topic web? Well I'm going to say it anyway. thank you so much for your effort with these. We've spoken about some of the Norman shields that have come into school and I've posted picture of Mr Ford modelling them below.


On Tuesday next week, we'll get the homework books out in the afternoon for everyone to share any topic homework with each other. I'll set up a  carousel so that everyone can take a peek at what has been created at home. I'll send the shields home that have come in so far after this event.


It's been a busy week of learning but the thing I'd like to talk about most is how lovely the children have been. We've had some lovely moments of kindness, for which 'Fred' has been rightly deployed. Children have been helping each other get into school, tying each other's laces, looking after each other at play time and helping with each other's learning. It's lovely to see.


In out English we've continue to work on George and the Dragon. The children had a letter from George's cousin today so we are planning our replies. In maths we've been comparing numbers and using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. In reading session the children have been reading in small groups. We are now going to develop the reading sessions so that we are doing whole class reading sessions, mixed in with group reading session with an adult. Our next book lends itself well to this form of reading session so that will be very exciting.


Our study work books are top secret and as it is the first time we have done these, we are going to keep them a secret from you until they are completely finished. Towards the end of the term I'll organise an open session where you will be able to come in so that your child can share their work with you. We've been looking at watercolour this week and the children have created some brilliant landscapes. This is good news because only the best work will make it to our study books so we have to be extra focused when we are creating this beautiful work. I'll let you know about that later in this half term so that you can book it in.


Have a great week!


Mr S




20th September


Busy busy busy in year two. We're getting to grips with things now and we're beginning to crack on with what we need to do each day.


In English this week we've been continuing our work on George and the Dragon and we found out what the Dragon's secret was! Very exciting! I'm sure the children can tell their parents all about it.


I maths lessons we have continued to work on place value and partitioning using concrete resources and we shall carry on for another week or so until the children until the children are super confident mathematicians.


The children produced some great sketches of the dragon which will use to help us understand the dragons shape and features in our other art lessons. In music we learnt how to control pitch and what that means. We'll be doing some more work on this next week.

In PE we've been learning some simple games and learning how to dance like dragons. In topic work we learned about medieval castles and named some of their parts and what they were for.


And finally, in science we've begun looking at materials and their properties. The children had lots to offer in this session and they also helped me solve the problem of which kitchen roll to use to wipe up the mess from my leaky bottle. 'Ultra Thirsty' from B&M was by far the most absorbent - I'm sure you'll be very pleased to know...


And there's still a whole day left!


Mr S



A great first few days...


It has been lovely to meet my new class in year 2 and get to know them a little better over this week and a bit. We've lots of exciting things to do this year and we've already begun our learning journey. We've started our class text of George and the Dragon, I've learnt a little bit about the children's lives, we have produced some work for our class displays and have learned how to set out work in our books. In maths we are working on our place value understanding. We've learned about our classroom resources, written a mantra, written a class song and someone has even taken Fred the dog home for his first adventure. All in all, its been a busy but wonderful few days and I can wait for the rest of the year.


Tonight was my "Meet the Parents" night! Thank you to all those who attended. I've posted the PowerPoint below for anyone who missed it.


A date for your diaries will be 23rd October when we will be visiting Whittington Castle (very exciting!) for our school trip, learning about medieval life. Look our for the letters next week.


Mr S


***I will be posting photos of our learning journey in next weeks update, once I've checked the photo permissions lists thoroughly. If you've not indicated that you are happy for photos of your child to be published on the school site, please let the the office know so that we can update our lists.

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