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Summer Term

Welcome back to Year 1. I hope that you had a fantastic Easter (without the Easter!) break. We have a multitude of exciting lessons and experiences to enjoy, in what is our final, very busy term.

Here is a brief guide of the many exciting things that we will be learning about this term in Year 1.


Please remember to label all of your drinks bottles, clothes and sports kit to avoid them being placed in lost property. PE will take place on a Thursday and Friday for the first half-term.

Feel free to approach me for a quick chat on the playground, or make an appointment to come and see me anytime.



Our topic this term is under the ocean. We will link this across the curriculum, investigating animal and plant habitats, learning about explorers on the ocean, learning about the world's oceans and continents  and looking at position and direction to name but a few.


In maths this term we will start by looking at number: multiplication and division (reinforcing multiples of 2, 5 and 10) and fractions. Linking to our topic we will then look at geometry particularly position and direction, before moving onto measurement - money and then learning about time.


During the first half term we will be studying fairy tales. We will study a variety of  tales and use them for

a plethora of both written and reading work to improve or skills in English. We will then look at the book  Rainbow Fish and some information texts about the worlds oceans.


We will be looking at animal groups, the food chain, animals including humans body parts, animal habitats and plants. 

Art and Design



My favourite part of DT – food! Looking at seasonal food, specifically fruit and vegetables, and where food comes from linking to climate. We will have some practical lessons too, where parents will get a rare opportunity to taste some food the children have prepared for them for once! We will also link DT with art and look at levers; cutting and sticking skills.


We will learn about the 5 oceans of the world, the 7 continents, maps and all about the UK.


We will be learning all about coding.


Our main focus in PE this term is ball skills, including throwing, catching, and bouncing, and gymnastics.

PE takes place twice a week and children must have their own PE kit which they will keep in school, including a house team t-shirt. As with previous years, children must have long hair tied back and jewellery should be removed.


We will play tuned and untuned instruments.





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