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This term’s English learning will be based on the fascinating book 'Shackleton's Journey'. This book retells the story of the great explorer Ernest Shackleton. The illustrations are fascinating. Our focus during the first half term will be completing our teaching of the Year 6 SPAG curriculum and writing diaries, letters, biographies, newspaper articles and non-chronological reports.  In addition, Mrs Patrick will be teaching reading with a specific SATs focus using a variety of survivor texts.

Later in the term, we will be using the poem the Highwayman to focus on figurative language and narratives and also the classic picture book 'The Island' which is an excellent text to inspire persuasive writing. During the term, we will also have specific revision lessons on SPAG and Reading which will support the children's revision programme and improve their confidence to tackle SAT style questions.



In maths, we will  be learning about decimals, percentages geometry and algebra. In lessons, we will learn to consolidate our understanding and become fluent in the skills. Then we will apply our knowledge to different situations and  reason mathematically, explaining our understanding to others. In preparation for SATs,  arithmetic will be focused on during this term both within class and intervention groups.



Mrs Patrick will be leading Science on a Tuesday afternoon. She will be focusing on evolution, inheritance and the adaptation and classification of animals.



In our Survivors topic, children will learn the history of polar exploration and about the human and physical geography of polar regions, as well as the impact of global warming. After half term, we will look at geographical events such as volcanoes and earthquakes; hurricanes and droughts. We will particularly focus on the impact these have on humans and what we can do to help. In DT we will work on a range of STEM activities eg designing the best boat for trawling through ice, making igloos, studying insulators, and expedition food. In Art we will look at repetitive patterns in printing and pencil sketches; we will also study the work of great artists such as Hokusai and make clay models.



This term our lessons will be on a Friday and Monday afternoon. We will be studying Dance and Dodgeball

Please remember to bring in your full labelled kits and dress appropriately for the weather.



In Year 6 we will continue to learn about Excel, Powerpoint and Word. We will also use coding in Scratch to make games about polar regions. Our topic work will also give us the opportunity to use  Imovies, Paint and search engine for research.


RE and PHSE:

In RE we will be looking at the creation story in Hinduism, examine  Karma and explore why cows are sacred. This term in PHSE we will explore our own and others emotional well being.



Mme Leydon will be delivering French.

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