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Pride Week 2018

What an exciting week we have had in school during our first Willaston Primary Academy PRIDE week.

Each day Year 6 pupils have confidently led our LGBTQ  assembly and it was absolutely fantastic that the whole school were able to take part during our final PRIDE celebration.


Please find below copies of the Powerpoints used during our assemblies.

Year 6 PRIDE Roadshow

Over the last couple of weeks Year 6 have been very busy preparing six PRIDE themed activities for each class to enjoy during their visit to the PRIDE Roadshow.When pupils visit they roadshow they are invited to make a PRIDE themed badge, take part in some alphabet Yoga, learn the importance of being a 'fantastic friend,' look at the importance of recognising and celebrating differences, learn how occupations are not specific to someones gender and decorate a flower to be displayed in our rainbow garden of difference. 



Monday 25th June Reception @ The Pride Roadshow

Reception were the first visitors to the roadshow and it was lovely to see Year 6 leading and engaging the children in the carousel of PRIDE activities.

Here is a copy of the presentation Year 6 wrote to launch the morning of activities.



Reception Feedback

Once Reception had taken part in the activities they gathered together to talk about what they had learnt and what they had enjoyed.


What have you learnt about today?

Alex "The Rainbow Flag"

Joe "Don't be mean to people"

Charlie "This week is PRIDE week"


What have you done today?

Ellie "We've done badges, spot the difference and we are learning about rainbows"


What have you enjoyed taking part in?


Rosa "Making a badge"

Oscar " Make the words with our bodies"

Eva "Decorating a flower"

Molly "Making a badge"

Lilly-May "Spotting the differences of Year 6 in the pictures"



Wednesday 26th June Year 1 @ The Pride Roadshow

Year 1 were the second visitors to the Pride roadshow. Today Year 6 lead a different activity than the one they had done on Monday. Yet again they engaged the children in the various PRIDE activities.

Here is a copy of the presentation Year 6 wrote to launch the Year 1 morning of activities.

Year 1 Feedback

Having completed the roadshow activities Year 1 gathered together to talk about what they had learnt and what they had enjoyed.


Max ‘I like how all the tasks linked to PRIDE and so it made you think about the importance of the word.’

Rosie ‘I have learnt today that pride is to be proud of other people and yourself’

Molly ‘I liked making the badge because it tells people I have been to learn about pride and I liked designing the gingerbread person because it is about liking and being anything you want.’

Isla B ‘Fantastic Friends has taught me how to choose and make good decisions about what I say to others.’

Harriet ‘I liked making a flower making for a rainbow display because it is to remind us of the different meaning of the flag colours.’

Luke ‘Today has shown me we are different and that’s OK.’

Poppy ‘I am proud of my pride badge.’

Rosie ‘The Yoga make me think of important pride words.’

Josh W ‘My badge says I know about why PRIDE week is important.’

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