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Year 6 Homework Arrangements 2021

  • Homework is set on a Friday for the following Thursday.
  • The first homework will be set on Friday 10th September 2021.


  • I will provide you with a homework book, but this is for you to keep at home. Pictures of any homework you complete that is not part of an online tool should be posted on our home learning SeeSaw account (see log in details in your homework book). Please do not bring your homework book back into school. It is purely for you to use at home.
  • You will also receive a CGP Maths and a CGP English book during this term.


  • Please ensure you complete your homework each week and on time as it will not only support your learning this year, but it will help prepare you for high school.


Each week you will need to complete the following:


  • Reading – 3 x 20 minutes per week minimum.

You should be taking books back and forth from school for this as there will be time when you can read in class too. This could be a book from home or a book from our school or class library. We will try to visit the school library once every week.


  • Weekly Times Tables Practice – 3 times per week

This term we will be testing multiplications and related division facts in class each week. You should be practising your time tables at home during the week. Work on the ones you are less confident with but don’t forget to keep the ones you do know fresh too.  Times Table Rock Stars is a great tool for this and you each have a log in for it. If you prefer to practise in another way, feel free to do that but remember that you will be quizzed in class.


  • Weekly SeeSaw Task

I will set a weekly SeeSaw task for you to complete. The focus of this will vary from week to week and will be related to Maths or English. It may be computer based or you may need to use your homework book, take a picture and send it in. 


  • Weekly SpellingSpelling will be set weekly via Spelling Shed (see login details). A full list for Year 6 is also available on the year 6 web page. Spellings will be tested in class every Friday. If you are working on alternative spellings, a paper copy of these will also be provided in addition to Spelling Shed.


Other homework that will be set from time to time:

  • – see log in details. From time to time, I will set spelling, punctuation and grammar activities through This will be linked to aspects of SPAG we have covered and will help to prepare you for the SATs later in the year.


  • - see login details. From time to time, I will set maths activities through This will be linked to aspects of maths we have covered and will help to prepare you for the SATs later in the year.


  • Project Web - I will provide you with a choice of additional homework activities to complete that are related to our current project. These will be different to the maths and English homework; you should aim to complete 4 over the term.



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Year 6 List of Spellings for the whole year

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