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Hi Year 6!


Here you will find your weekly tasks if our bubble has to work from home.  Of course, you will find the tasks listed on Seesaw where you will be able to submit your work to me directly.  Many of the tasks will be able to be completed using pen and paper at home, you will then simply need to to submit an image of your work to me via Seesaw, rather than completing all tasks on the app.


You will been given a weekly timetable of work with details of what should be completed and by when, including links to online reading/resources. Anything that can be accessed without Seesaw will be posted on here e.g. learning slides, worksheets, photos, web links etc.


I will be available to answer questions within the usual hours of our school day via seesaw and will do my best to respond to your as quickly as I can, although it may not be right away. If you have any difficulties with a task, send me a note with your question, put it to one side and tackle another task instead. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Good luck and I'll see you on Seesaw.


Mr S


Home Learning Timetable W/C 3.11.20


Maths - For Maths this week, I would like you to complete the work in your homework book and submit pictures on your journal on seesaw. Each maths activity has a 10 minute video for you to watch and work along with, followed by a worksheet of questions. Links for the videos are below, all worksheets and answer sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the "ALL MATHS WORKSHEETS" link. 


Tuesday Maths - Factors Recap 

Wednesday Maths - Common Factors 

Thursday Maths - Common Multiples

Friday Maths - Primes to 100




English - Before half term, you planned your diary entry of an evacuee for Olive and Cliff from our class text. This week, I would like you to write your own diary entry on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You will need to cover the three parts you planned. You will also need to include examples of the following:


relative clauses - who, which, where,

power of 3 - bags clattered, children cried, parents waved

similes - like an army of ants

adverbials for cohesion - later, after a while, one the way to the station

expanded noun phrases - gigantic, bustling station with hundreds of unwilling travelers.

brackets of parenthesis - I packed my favourite toy (Fred the dog) ...


Write this in your homework book and add pictures of your work to your seesaw journal each day . You should aim to make this work around 2-sides of A4 beginning with dear diary and including a range of emotions, thoughts and description.


Finally on Friday, I would like you to edit your work, check for spelling corrections and make three improvements as well as improving an additional three words.


Please film yourself reading out your final work for us all to watch in class on Friday.


Topic work - Please choose 2 more activities to complete from your topic grid.

I will also send you a science activity to complete on SeeSaw related to our previous topic.


Daily Reading - I'll post a copy of the Letters From The Lighthouse through your door for your to read with post it of the chapters we will cover in class.


Daily Spelling -Please ensure you practice for and complete a spelling quiz on Friday at home on list 6 plus 5 random words chosen from list 1 - 5. As your parents to choose the words for your from the class spelling list. 


Daily TTRS - Don't forget you practice your table on TTRS for ten minutes and Prodigy is available for you to practice your maths skills. You should have log in details for this at home. If not, let me know.


Good luck and we'll miss you this week. Message me on SeeSaw if you have any questions. and I'll get back to you when I can.


Mr S

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