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What a Disaster!



This term’s topic is

‘What a Disaster!’


We will learn about many environmental issues and cover many areas of the curriculum with a focus on Geography and Science.


Here is an insight to what we will be learning about this term:



The main area we shall cover this term involves looking at the impact of natural disasters on human life and the effect this may have on the environment. We will also look at how other types of disasters effect human population and the impact this has on industry. Another focus of class 6 this term is to compare geographical locations of countries most affected by disasters.  We will also be looking at: Climate change, the human impact on our world and comparing our own climate with others who are more affected by global warming.



Because this is more of a geography based topic, we will have limited opportunity to cover many objectives of the History Curriculum. However, we will look at significant disasters over the last 200 years and the impact this has had on life in Great Britain and the rest of the world including plane crashes, the Titanic sinking and significant modern disasters including Flooding across the world and Terrorist bombing.



Out key texts this term include: ‘The Marvels’ by Brian Selznick, ‘The Water Tower’ by Gary Crew, and many Disaster themed poetry.


Opportunities for creative writing:


  • Newspaper reports - informative
  • Informative writing
  • Non Chronological reports
  • Science fiction narrative
  • Persuasive writing across a range of text types
  • Poetry
  • Descriptive 3rd person narratives



This term we will focus on developing children’s’ knowledge of shape, We will look at developing pupils’ strategies of using and applying number as well as allowing children to gain further experience of practising solving problems in a methodical and systematic way. Class 6 will also look at handling data and more importantly the use of statistics in everyday activities including pie charts. With the future Summer term in mind, we will also revisit many topics covered last term in preparation for SATS.




To link with the topic, we will learn about evolution, life cycles, adaptation and interdependence. Children will discover how plants and animals live and adapt and their importance in this world to ensure survival. Class 6 will develop their scientific enquiry through planning and investigating different environmental themed experiments and learn to develop their use of scientific language.


D&T/ Art–

Class 6 will be planning, designing and creating different moveable stage models inspired by our key text ‘The Marvels’. We shall also be looking at mixed media art based on memorials. Art week, we will be having a fantastic time wet felting. Please see our gallery for examples.




Mrs Savage shall be teaching class 6 this subject. This term year 6 will be learning about the 5 pillars of Islam.




Mme Leydon shall be continuing to teach French this term. This half term the focus shall be on our Homes. Finding and recalling things we find around our homes in different rooms and describing our dream house.




PE kits are needed ...TBC




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