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This weeks homework task

5th Dec Y3 Homework due in Monday 10th Nov


English focus – pages 12 and 13 of CGP workout book – Clauses and Phrases

Extension – try these online grammar games:

29th November Homework due in Monday 3rd December


This week the children have addition and subtraction word problems to solve. The activities are stuck into their homework books and are included below for anyone who needs to download them.


14th Nov Y3 Homework due in Monday 19th Nov

Maths focus – Subtraction CGP workout book

Mild - page 11,

Spicy – page12

Extra Spicy – page 13

Extension task (optional): practise times tables using

The children have their own login for this site and it will record their progress. Their password is stuck on their reading journal book.

7/11/18 Homework due in Monday 12th Nov

SPaG focus – pages 8 and 9 of CGP workbook

Extension task (optional): write a description of the character Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web.
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