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This Week in Year 3...

WC 25/06/18


World Cup fever has hit the nation...and year three. As well as checking the scores and filling in our class chart so that we know who will win the class prizes, our maths and reading have been themed around the World Cup this week.  The children have been using their addition skills to find teams of a certain value. they've also completed two comprehensions about the World Cup. 

We've been reviewing multiplication and division this week too - Maths Whizz has been set up for this so they can practise at home.


In English, we've continued to work on our report writing skills - researching German sites that we found using Mr Bond's new orienteering course around the school site.  The children have been working on sounding like experts. It has been tricky adapting our use of language to do this but we are getting there.


Hot off the press - Mr Summers visited our assembly this morning to tell us all about musical instruments that the children could learn to play next year. We had a great time and I hope some of the children will take up and instrument next year. 


In science we have been learning about plants, how they produce their own food and what each of the parts of the plant do. We'll be looking at plant reproduction early next week.


WC 18.06.18


We've enjoyed learning about Germany this week. In our writing we've been developing our report paragraphs about the Berlin wall. The main focus being on using formal language to sound like an expert. the children have also written a draft of their introductory paragraph too.


In maths we've continued to work with money. Using the most efficient strategy to find change (difference) and finding that it is not always column subtraction. the good old number line can sometimes help us to find a difference more accurately and efficiently.


Topic work has been fun. We've been out on the field making use of the worm charming grid to learn about grid references. We've also been using those skills to navigate around Berlin. We've also been using maps to complete orienteering challenges around the school site thanks to Mr Bond's new orienteering course. the codes that we've cracked gave us clues about German landmarks. We'll be finding out about these places/sites in our topic work.


In music we sang Hakuna Matata (Jambo Bwana) and then we taught the rest of the school to sing along too.


What a week. See you at Worm Charming!



WC 11.06.18

It's back to business again in year 3 after a fun week doing art.


Class Challenge. We'll be working on out common spellings over the rest of the term. Whilst we've made great progress in our Year 3/4 word spelling tests, we need keep a close eye on our high frequency words and common exception words. Over the coming weeks we'll be doing more work on spellings and handwriting in class to help us complete the challenge before the Summer holidays. I'm sure we can do it!  I'll send a list of the words home so that the children can practice. The real aim is to see these words spelt correctly in their writing.


We are also starting our writing about Germany for our topic books. The children will produce an information text about Germany over the coming weeks.


For maths, we are working on calculations for the next few weeks, consolidating what we know about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. This week we've been adding decimals.


Topic work: This week we are working on maps and using coordinates in a variety of ways!


WC 5.6.18

Art Attack

Year 3 have been busy doing all kinds of art activities this week. We began on Tuesday with work on our topic books, using marbling to create trees for a Hansel and Gretel scene. 

We also had a go at making some salt dough German pretzels and began work on some large letters and big art for our contribution to the school's global learning art project. That was just Tuesday!

On Wednesday and Thursday we studied art that uses geometric shapes and the children created different prisms using nets. We studied the work of Paul Klee and created our own versions of houses in his style. We explored imports/exports and created some shipping containers for more big art. Towards the end of the week, we will be working on different world foods, creating small images of different foods and brands and applying them to canvass.

The children have crated some great little pieces of art already and I can;t wait to see what out big art looks like when it is all finished. Well done year 3!


Mr S


WC 21.5.18


We had a great week this week. The children took part in some memorable activities at Tattenhall and we all had a great time. We posted pictures on Facebook whilst we were there so please have a look at the school Facebook page if you've not seen them (you don't need an account to view them):

Thank you for your support in preparing the children for the trip.


Since them we've been getting back to normality in class. In maths, the children have been working on shape this week, making measurements using decimals to find perimeter. They've also been using angles to describe turns.


In English we've been working on poetry for Hansel and Gretel. They've created acrostic poems, made a story map and they be producing a narrative poem this week, using the features we've explored such as similes, rhyming couplets and alliteration.


In science we've explored materials and their uses in terms of light. We've been deciding if they are opaque, translucent or transparent and if they would make good curtains for a babies room.


It's art week when we come back so don't forget that the children will need to come in 'scruffs' for that first week.


I hope you all have a good break!

Mr S :)


WC. 7.6.18



Now that we are building confidence with fractions and equivalent fractions, we have begun to compare different fractions using the greater than, less than or equal to symbols. We started by placing different fractions on a line from smallest to largest. We then thought about some rules that could help us for when the denominators are the same or when the numerators are the same. Next, we'll be getting more practice and using reasoning to support out answers.



In English we have finally finished our diaries and most of us have published them. They're great and really show off some of the grammar we've learnt so far this year. To help show those skills off even more, we have a trail of white pebbles to follow in yesterday's glorious sunshine, Along the trail were 16 different tasks to complete from our Y3 writing targets. the children had a great time.



In our topic work we've looked at the top 10 most populated cities (or 11 because Mr Sykes accidentally included an extra city) of Germany, found some landmarks and some facts relating to each one using Google searches and created our first pages for our new topic.


We've also carried on developing our Hansel and Gretel scratch game and have now included code to control Hansel and make white pebbles appear at random for the use to collect. Our final piece of work will be debugging what we've done so far but also creating our own mini game on the last level with the witch.


In music we formed a drumming circle and each several opportunities to improvise for 8 beats whilst playing instruments or (with really funny moments) using body percussion to the rhythm of 'boots cats'.


WC 30.4.18

We spent lots of time writing our Hansel and Gretel diary entries this week. We've been including fronted adverbials along with many other features we've leanlearned about this year. Evey piece of writing we produce now will be showing off what we can do.


In maths we've been continuing work on time and have now begun working on our understanding of equivalent fractions.


In science we experimented with mirrors and looked at how they work and in topic, we've continued creating our Hansel and Gretel games.



WC 23.4.18


What a week! We've certainly had a busy one.


English - In English we've been learning about fronted adverbials, how to use them, when to use and why we use them. We've also planned our diary entries for Hansel and Gretel, ready for writing next week.


Maths - We've been learning to tell time in different ways and how to calculate differences in time, also using reasoning to explain our calculations.

Any practice you can have at home telling the time will be a great help towards your work in maths.


Science - We've continued learning about light by carrying out a simple experiment to find which materials would be best for a new school bag. We had to find the most reflective material, thinking about which would be the best and why. 


Topic - In computing we've been learning how to create and organised assets in scratch. Children have been creating backgrounds and sprites for a Hansel and Gretel game, using the new laptops. they've also begun using code to create opportunities for user inputs.


Pics to follow :)







WC 16.4.18


Welcome back everyone. It was great to see the children this week after a well earned rest.


This week we have begun working on our new topic called Marchen von Deutschland (Tales from Germany) and the children have used the new laptops to find and name countries of Europe.



WC 26.3.18


We've also started out new class text, Anthony Browne's Hansel and Gretel. We've worked dictionary skills, vocab, comprehension and fronted adverbials. Our first piece of writing will be a diary entry by one of the children. 




In maths we have been practising the four rules using two step function machines. The children have been using two different operations in calculations and have been solving missing number problems using reasoning.




This week we are learning how to write and perform our own play. We'll be looking at the features of postscript and how to tell a story through dialogue, action and sound.


We are learning how to tell time to nearest minute, how to read digital and analogue clocks and how to find dffierences in time. I will be sending home some extra homework sheets to practise this week and any extra time spent telling the time at home will be of great benefit.


We've also been learning about volcanoes today (video below) and how they are formed.

And we were very lucky to be invited invited into year 4's Rainforest assembly where we leanered about life there.



Making a Volcano

Still image for this video
We made a volcano of our own in Geography today!

Science Day - Parents Drop In

Science Week and Parent Drop In - 16.03.18


Well, we knew it would be a busy week. This week we've been learning about Archimedes and his discoveries. Today, our parents and carers came in to learn about his principle, which was his 'Eureka!' moment, and how it can be used to calculate the volume of an object.


We also learnt about how he created catapults and other defences using levers. Mr Cooper came in to help us drill holes in lengths of wood and this would be the fulcrum for our catapult levers. The children designed and made their own buckets to hold a missile (a mega-marshmallow) and fired them across the playground.


We had a fantastic morning and gave an award to Alex, who was our selected class scientist, for his hard work, careful testing and inquisitive nature. Well done, Alex and well done Year 3.


Mr S

This week in year 3 - 13.03.18


Maths - We've spent lots of time working on fractions now and have now come back to measures and looking at how we can use metric measures in mixed units, add them or subtract them to solve problems.


Over the next two weeks we will be re-visiting a number of different areas to recap and consolidate on what we already know or need to further build confidence in.


English - We've been looking at determiners, pronouns, contractions and apostrophes in our writing to try to understand why and how we use them. Over the following week will be writing and performing a play from Icarus.


Science - It's science week and we are looking at the science of the ancient Greeks. We simple columns yesterday and tested the strength of different materials by balancing books on them. We also stood Jakob on top of four cardboard columns to see if it could take his weight. It did!



Oh and we also went on a Roman's trip to Chester. Busy, busy, busy.

13.03.18 - ROMAN CHESTER


Sin! Sin! Sin, dex sin!


We've been out on patrol around the streets of Chester today. We began (after a small drive through a big puddle!) with a roman Soldier patrol around the streets of Chester to the Roman Gardens and the Roman Amphitheatre. The children carried shields, acted out some Roman formations and watched Mrs Williams and Mrs Jordan in a real live gladiator battle.


We then headed back for a spot of lunch and a guided tour of the DEWA Roman Experience centre, where we looked artefacts, model streets of the fortress and went down to an archaeological dig.


Such a fantastic day and the children behaved like true soldiers.


Huge thanks to Mrs Gidman, Miss Edwardson, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Platt and, although the children showed her no mercy, Mrs Williams.


Well done year 3 - slide show below!


8th March 2018


What a busy week! Last week we had Art Attack Week where the children were making and doing in the afternoons in year 3. We chose to link all of our art to our literacy work on Greek Myths.

The children made beautiful Icarus silhouettes against a red and yellow sun. They have added their own description of Icarus's first flight to the outside. We also made Greek theatre masks using by building up layers of paper and glue, painting them white and adding additional details to emulate the characters from the story.




Our mornings were spent writing about Icarus recapping on some of the grammar we've learned so far, and in maths we continued to work on fractions.




All in all. A super busy week.


This week we've continued to work on Greek myths and are about to plan our play scripts for the tail. Hopefully, we'll be able to put on some plays for the children around the school to come and watch before the end of term.


Our fractions quest continues as the children continue to find fractions of numbers, dividing by the bottom and multiplying by the top.


And relax...








Here is a podcast created by Luke and Charlie in Y6 on Safer Internet Day 2018 at Willaston Primary Academy. They interviewed our safeguarding monitors from across the school to find out what they had been learning about on Safer Internet Day.

Our 'Parent Drop In Day' before Feb half term break

Still image for this video
A massive thanks to everyone who came to share in the children's learning. The children loved seeing you in school and working on the chilli challenges with you. As you saw, the children really enjoy the chilli challenges and it was great to see you all getting stuck into to them too.

Super job Year 3!

14th Feb


On a personal note: I would just like to thank those parents that sent in a gift for me before Christmas. I saved them until Christmas day and diligently wrote down a list of families to thank on my own children’s thank you list, however, Mrs Sykes (in her own ultra-efficient way) threw the list away just after New Year and so I’m afraid I can’t write individual notes of thanks.


I can’t begin to tell you how thoughtful it was so…thank you!


Science: This week we’ve been learning how to measure the strength of a magnet using careful measurement. Once again, we’ve really focused on how to work scientifically to make sure we get the most reliable results. The children have been brilliant with this and have come up with some great findings.


English:  This is it! Our final piece of writing for the Romans on the Rampage book. The children are currently planning their own mini story about Perilus and the Chariot race. Last week the children produced some smashing setting descriptions so I’m really looking forward to seeing how our five paragraph stories turn out. We’ll be hoping to include as many features in these as possible, along with some beautiful handwriting and the careful (non-negotiable) use of capital letters and full stops.


Maths: We’ve been looking at fractions for the last few days. Exploring how to express tenths as fractions and as decimals. Over the next few weeks we will largely be focusing on fractions including equivalents and how to add fractions. I’ve been really pleased with our understanding so far!
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