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This Week in Y2

8th October

Because Willaston School is the best…


Music has been a big feature of our current learning. We have started a new unit of learning in music and the children have been playing body percussion and untuned instruments for call a response beats. In our singing assemblies we have been learning songs for harvest and our KS1 nativity has finally arrived! Very exciting!


And it has been another busy old week in year 2! After lots of hard work in maths, we are finally ready to move on from place value. We’ll keep revisiting it in mini lessons but next we will be moving on to addition and subtraction. Please support your children’s learning by helping them to know their 2, 5, 10 times tables as well as counting in 3s, 4s, and 8s. Any support at home will greatly benefit the children in class.


In English we have finished our last piece of writing for George and the Dragon. We now move onto our new book, The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey. This will be out main book of study until December and all of our English learning will be based upon it. No need to read this one at home though please as I’d like to surprise the children in our lessons with each stage of the book.

Thanks again for the additional homework tasks that have come in and also the cardboard that we will use for our DT and science project. The children are very proud of their work and so are we. I particularly liked the science task Jack made and Harriet’s medieval musical instrument research this week. During the remainder of this week, we’ll be learning more about Whittington Castle as part of our top secret study work.




Mrs Gidman has been working hard on book banding the children. We aim to get through the whole class within this term and if we can go faster, we certainly will. We’ve started banding the children who haven’t been assessed for the longest time. If your child hasn’t been banded, please don’t worry. We will get there but we like to work chronologically.

Also, if your child doesn’t move up a level when banded, please don’t be disheartened. They will get there and will be reassessed when we feel they are ready. The assessments take into account understanding of the text as well as fluency. You can help with reading at home by stopping to check their understanding of what they’ve read after a few pages. If this means less reading but more understanding, that is absolutely fine. Children are still free to change their books daily after lunch. I know there are a few that don’t remember this despite reminders from home and me. We’ll keep hounding them!


Have a good week!

Mr S

Get well soon, Jayden!

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4th October


Hello everyone,


We've been getting technical this week. The children joined our class SeeSaw account using the QR codes around the room. They've made videos about each other and in maths they've used the app to create mini videos explaining how a numbers can be shown. Jake and Olivia BW provided a brilliant example for everyone in the class - I would not be surprised if they became famous Youtube celebrities. The audio and for this picture is below.


In English we've been publishing our letters to cousin Benjamin. I can't wait to read the final versions. In our reading we started our whole class guided reading sessions. These will take place each Monday. The children did well with the first story - an ebook called ' Dragon in the City'.


Each morning our first task of the day is phonics related. We are currently recapping phonics from phase 5 which most of the the children studied last year. After half term we will begin phase 6. Some children stay in class with me, some move next door to work with Mr Ford and others work with Mrs Gidman.


*Please Note:


I've also sent home the CGP books this week. Please keep them at home except for Tuesdays when homework needs to be handed in.Children need only hand in the book that corresponds to the homework they have done that week, either in SPaG or Maths. The other book can remain at home until it is needed. Please only complete the homework that I set in these books. I will try to match it to work we have covered in class and its much better to tackle the work little and often rather than sitting down and doing big chunks of the book. In some cases there will be a different homework set.


Have a good week!


Mr Sykes

Jake and Olivia BW - Ways to show a number

Jake and Olivia BW - Ways to show a number 1

Jake's explanation...

27th September


Firstly, can I just say how cool some of the homework is that the children have done from the topic web? Well I'm going to say it anyway. thank you so much for your effort with these. We've spoken about some of the Norman shields that have come into school and I've posted picture of Mr Ford modelling them below.


On Tuesday next week, we'll get the homework books out in the afternoon for everyone to share any topic homework with each other. I'll set up a  carousel so that everyone can take a peek at what has been created at home. I'll send the shields home that have come in so far after this event.


It's been a busy week of learning but the thing I'd like to talk about most is how lovely the children have been. We've had some lovely moments of kindness, for which 'Fred' has been rightly deployed. Children have been helping each other get into school, tying each other's laces, looking after each other at play time and helping with each other's learning. It's lovely to see.


In out English we've continue to work on George and the Dragon. The children had a letter from George's cousin today so we are planning our replies. In maths we've been comparing numbers and using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. In reading session the children have been reading in small groups. We are now going to develop the reading sessions so that we are doing whole class reading sessions, mixed in with group reading session with an adult. Our next book lends itself well to this form of reading session so that will be very exciting.


Our study work books are top secret and as it is the first time we have done these, we are going to keep them a secret from you until they are completely finished. Towards the end of the term I'll organise an open session where you will be able to come in so that your child can share their work with you. We've been looking at watercolour this week and the children have created some brilliant landscapes. This is good news because only the best work will make it to our study books so we have to be extra focused when we are creating this beautiful work. I'll let you know about that later in this half term so that you can book it in.


Have a great week!


Mr S




20th September


Busy busy busy in year two. We're getting to grips with things now and we're beginning to crack on with what we need to do each day.


In English this week we've been continuing our work on George and the Dragon and we found out what the Dragon's secret was! Very exciting! I'm sure the children can tell their parents all about it.


I maths lessons we have continued to work on place value and partitioning using concrete resources and we shall carry on for another week or so until the children until the children are super confident mathematicians.


The children produced some great sketches of the dragon which will use to help us understand the dragons shape and features in our other art lessons. In music we learnt how to control pitch and what that means. We'll be doing some more work on this next week.

In PE we've been learning some simple games and learning how to dance like dragons. In topic work we learned about medieval castles and named some of their parts and what they were for.


And finally, in science we've begun looking at materials and their properties. The children had lots to offer in this session and they also helped me solve the problem of which kitchen roll to use to wipe up the mess from my leaky bottle. 'Ultra Thirsty' from B&M was by far the most absorbent - I'm sure you'll be very pleased to know...


And there's still a whole day left!


Mr S



A great first few days...


It has been lovely to meet my new class in year 2 and get to know them a little better over this week and a bit. We've lots of exciting things to do this year and we've already begun our learning journey. We've started our class text of George and the Dragon, I've learnt a little bit about the children's lives, we have produced some work for our class displays and have learned how to set out work in our books. In maths we are working on our place value understanding. We've learned about our classroom resources, written a mantra, written a class song and someone has even taken Fred the dog home for his first adventure. All in all, its been a busy but wonderful few days and I can wait for the rest of the year.


Tonight was my "Meet the Parents" night! Thank you to all those who attended. I've posted the PowerPoint below for anyone who missed it.


A date for your diaries will be 23rd October when we will be visiting Whittington Castle (very exciting!) for our school trip, learning about medieval life. Look our for the letters next week.


Mr S


***I will be posting photos of our learning journey in next weeks update, once I've checked the photo permissions lists thoroughly. If you've not indicated that you are happy for photos of your child to be published on the school site, please let the the office know so that we can update our lists.

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