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Homework in Year 6


Homework is an extension of pupils' learning in school. However, family time, rest and other extra curricular activities are also vital.


Our Homework non-negotiables are:

  1. Daily reading
  2. Learning spellings
  3. Learn/practice specified time tables/division facts
  4. Complete 6 pieces of topic homework from the WW2 matrix per term

To prepare for High School, children will also be given specific homework related to classroom learning. These may involve practicing and consolidating a key skill; preparing for new learning; SATs revision or presenting work.  These activities will be shared in your child's homework book.

Please check with your child regularly to see if they have tasks to complete. Homework books should be kept in your child's bag and pupils will be placed on Amber if homework is not handed in.


Reading Journals:

This year, we are focusing on reading. In order to succeed at school, children need to be able to read fluently, have varied and rich vocabulary and fully comprehend what they have read. Consequently, each student will  have a reading journal to record what they have read. Parents are encouraged to also write in this. The children are challenged to read as many books as possible and have to complete a book review of each one.

Awards will be given to children who read between 15 and 75 books. In the reading journal, there is a list of books which we encourage the children to read; most of which can be borrowed from school or from Nantwich Library. There is also a list of reading activities which your child can complete.

Please bring the reading book and journal to school daily.


KS2 Complete Rainbow Spelling

Homework Matrix- Please Complete in Your Homework Book

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