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Homework Class 6


Homework is an extension of pupils' learning in school. However, family time, rest and other extra curricular activities are also vital.


Reading and practising spellings daily is essential. Children must record reading in their planners.


Weekly reading comprehension/ grammar / maths homework will be set. Refer to homework instructions in planners to avoid ambiguity. Homework deadlines will be clear in planners and children will be placed on amber if homework is not given in. Again, this is all part of the transition process to secondary school.


Please find our Topic Matrix below. The activities are mostly optional. The minimum requirement of completed tasks for the term are specified below.


This week's homework is...

  • 3 CGP tests - Maths, Reading and SPaG
  • Blue and indigo spellings
  • Daily reading
  • Maths Whizz (optional extra)
  • Topic Web (optional extra)

(date 1.3.18)


KS2 Complete Rainbow Spelling

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